About us.

Sisters Tricia Aydelott and Julie Hopkins
are owners of the Brick House Grill.

Located in Anna, Illinois at 308 South Main with the hours of 4-9 Pm Tuesday to Saturday.
The Brick House Grill experience is known as upscale dining in a casual atmosphere.

It is a wonderful dining experience, and the owners take great pride in the food. They also don’t want people to have to feel like they need to dress up to come in.

Just inside the door you are welcomed with a coffee shop feel in which a small area with comfortable seating in the form of a couch and chairs are available.

Behind this area is the full bar in which you can have a drink and realx and get away for a while.

The dining area can be found towards the rear of the establishment with plenty of seating. You are surrounded by wonderful artwork that decorates the walls created by a local artist by the name of Lee Spalt of Cobden Illinois.

The Brick House Grill is available for special occasions by apointment only.

You are sure to enjoy your visit to

Brick House Grill.